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Beautiful, stylish & elegant Irish antiques

Blackwater Antiques

From our Cork Antique store, Blackwater Antiques supplies a comprehensive range of elegant and stylish Irish antiques.
Our Cork antique shop has been offering our clients the very best in beautiful antiques for over 25 years. All our antiques are sourced by our antique expert, who brings a lifetime of experience and passion to the antique trade.
Our Antique expert is available in-store to advise clients, and give the history and background on all our available pieces.
Interested in antique furniture, ornaments, garden furniture or architectural salvage? Please call into our Cork Antique store, or get in contact with us today.

Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture Cork

Blackwater Antiques's antique store provides clients with the highest standard of antique furniture.

Blackwater Antiques

Antique Ornaments Cork

Blackwater Antiques stocks one of Cork’s

largest selection of antique ornaments.

Antique Garden Furniture

Our comprehensive collection of antique garden furniture contains elegant pieces that will complement the exterior of any property.

Blackwater Antiques

Architectural Salvage

For restoration societies and builders interested in a rustic, classical aesthetic we supply a range of Architectural Salvage.

Irish Antiques

From our cork antique store, we provide our clients with one of Ireland’s largest selection of genuine Irish antiques.

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Blackwater Antiques's antique store provides clients with the highest standard 

of antique furniture, antique ornaments, etc. 

The Irish Antiques We Stock Include:

  • Antique Bookcases

  • Antique Furniture

  • Antique Mirrors

  • Antique Tables

  • Antique Luxury Lamps

  • Antique Lighting

  • Antique Giftware

  • Antique Jewellery

  • Antique Tea-Caddies

  • Antique Writing Slopes

  • Antique Candle Sticks

  • Antique Candle Sticks

  • Antique Paintings

  • Antique Pictures

  • Antique Crystal Glass Wear

  • Antique Silver

  • Silver Plated Antiques

  • Antique Brass

  • Antique Coppers

  • Antique Pub Memorable


Found this wonderful business as we drove from Millstreet, You can easily spend hours here.
The lady we dealt with was so warm and friendly, definitely be back.

Neil Whelan

Fantastic choice of antiques. No pressure from Michael to buy.could spend hours looking at what excellent quality he has in stock. 

Pat Landers

Great place to browse. Was impressed with the quality of the furniture. 

Zender Storm

Whatever you’re lookin for it’s here. 

John Joe Fahey

Always good for something extraordinary. 

Constanze Distel

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What is the criteria for an antique?

  • What is the criteria for an antique?

    The criteria for an antique can vary depending on who you ask. Still, generally speaking, an antique is an item at least 30 years old with some historical or cultural significance. However, some experts use a more specific definition and consider an item to be an antique if it is over 100 years old, rare or unique, and has some level of craftsmanship or artistic value.

    In addition to age and cultural/historical significance, other factors can influence an item's status as an antique, such as its condition, provenance (history of ownership), and popularity among collectors. Ultimately, determining whether an item is an antique depends on the expertise and judgment of the appraiser or collector evaluating it.

  • Can you tell me the history of available items?

    Yes, if we have the piece's history, we can provide you with a detailed history of its manufacturing and any previous owners. 

  • Where do you source your antiques?

    We source items from a variety of sources, including:

    1. Auctions: Many antique shops purchase items from auctions where estate sales, liquidations, and other auctions occur.
    2. Estate sales: Estate sales are a common source of items for antique shops. When someone passes away, estate sales are held, and their personal property is sold off.
    3. Private collections: Antique shops may purchase items from private collectors looking to sell their collections.
    4. Online marketplaces: With the rise of online marketplaces, antique shops may also source items from websites such as eBay, Etsy, and Ruby Lane.
    5. Trade shows: Antique shops may attend trade shows to source new inventory and network with other dealers.