Antique Furniture

Furniture with a Story.

Antique Furniture

From our Cork antique store, Blackwater Antiques supplies the very best Irish antique furniture.
All our elegant and stylish antique furniture is personally vetted by our antique furniture expert. We supply beautiful furniture pieces that are imbued with a unique history and style.

We take pride in our diverse furniture collection which contains pieces from eras gone by. Our antique furniture expert can tell you a little bit of the piece's history – when possible – and recommend complementary furniture pieces from the same era or of the same style.
From furniture that harks back to the sophistication of the Edwardian era, to dramatic and stylish art-deco inspired furniture, we have the right piece for even the most discerning antique furniture enthusiast.

To discuss our huge range of antique furniture, call into our Cork antique shop or get in contact with Blackwater Antiques today.

Our Antique Furniture Gallery

Antique Furniture Cork

Our high-quality antique furniture is available from our Cork Antique store. We take pride in our diverse collection of pieces; which are all personally vetted by our antique expert.
Our selection of elegant and stylish furniture includes:

  • Antique Wardrobes

  • Antique Dressers

  • Antique Vanity Units

  • Antique Dining tables

  •  Antique Dining Chairs

  •  Antique Living Room Tables

  • Antique Alcove Units

  •  Antique Rocking Chairs

  • Antique Living Room Chairs

Our antique furniture stock is always evolving and we encourage individuals to call into our store or get in contact with us directly.

For additional information on our range of furniture, get in contact with Blackwater Antiques today.