Antique Garden Furniture

Elegant and stylish antique garden furniture.

Antique Garden Furniture

From our Cork Antique store, Blackwater Antiques provides clients with a diverse selection of elegant garden furniture.
Our range includes everything from garden furniture benches and tables to more eclectic pieces like roman style vases and large statues.
The antique garden furniture we provide includes examples of Asian inspired design along with more western-centric pieces.

All our antique garden furniture is personally vetted by our antique expert.
Our large outdoor antique garden furniture selection includes one-of-a-kind pieces that can add character and personality to your home or business’s exterior.

For additional information on our comprehensive range of antique garden furniture, get in contact with Blackwater Antiques today or call into our Cork antique store.

Antique Garden Furniture Gallery

Antique Garden Furniture Cork

Blackwater Antiques supplies our clients with a comprehensive range of elegant and stylish garden furniture.
All our antique furniture pieces are personally vetted by our antique expert to ensure their quality.
Our range of antique garden future pieces can include:

  • Antique Garden Benches

  • Antique Garden Table and Chair Sets

  • Antique Outdoor Statues

  • Antique Statues

  •  Antique Sculptures

  • Antique Garden Features

  • Antique Garden Fountains

For more information on our range of antique garden furniture pieces, get in contact with Blackwater Antiques today.